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We strive to always deliver the best services to our wide variety of small and medium sized businesses. Whether it is a member unsure of where to spend their trade dollars or a member trying to gain new clientele, we are here to help. Our dedication to our members is reflected in some of the kind words that they have to say about Trade Exchange.

Video Testimonials

“I would definitely recommend Trade Exchange, it’s been a great experience for us. I think the biggest, best opportunity is for startups, new businesses, or businesses that are ready to go to the next level.”

– Tanya Storey – Bin There Dump That

“I would definitely recommend Trade Exchange to other business owners because of the awareness it brings to your business. There’s really no other way to get in front of hundreds of other businesses, especially when you’re first starting out.”

– Jenn Kyllo – Pinot & Picasso

Written Testimonials

OMG Web Development & Design

“I have been a Trade Exchange Canada member for over 10 years.

I found it to be an invaluable part of my start up when I first started my business and do not think I would’ve been able to get off the ground without all of the additional resources and contacts that Trade Exchange provided to me. Not only was I able to connect quickly with the local business community and build valuable relationships. I was also able to leverage all of my unsold inventory and maximize my profits and my reach.

What most people fail to realize is how much cash is conserved with trade. I found people saying that they ‘don’t think they could use trade’, and then they go out and they visit a spa, take their dog to the vet, and then hire a lawyer for their corporate business stuff 🤦‍♀️ All of these items could’ve been paid for with trade, conserving cash. Also, the largest cash client that I’ve ever acquired in my business that has been with me for almost 3 years now was a referral that came to me via a trade exchange member. So remember you can use this to build your referral base.

Lastly, it’s free marketing! Trade exchange Canada makes a point of marketing its members to each other because they are a broker for trade. This free marketing and advertising is incredible exposure.

I am incredibly grateful to have the Trade Exchange helping me leverage my businesses for the last 10 years and I can say with certainty that not only my business would not be the same without it, but my lifestyle would not be the same without it.

Thank you Trade Exchange Canada!!”

– Samantha Milligan, Owner

Georgie Girl

“I have been a Trade Exchange member for many years and in so many instances I have been able to reserve cash and use trade for my business and personal needs. The team at Trade Exchange is amazing and always there to offer assistance. The key is participating and actively looking for what you need to find, which is made easy on the website or with a simple phone call.”

– Angie Bricker, Owner

Lake Country Compost Distribution

“Lake Country Compost Distributors is extremely happy with the results that we are now achieving with Trade Exchange Canada.

Our relationship with them has allowed us to generate sales that we would not have otherwise had. We sell primarily to golf courses and to garden supply retailers and don’t have the time to pursue sales to other sectors.

Every year they sell thousands of bags of our premium fertilizers, soils and mulches. They generate the sales to other trade members in Kelowna, Vernon and Kamloops and look after all of the distribution and billing.

The trade credits we earn every year play a substantial role in increasing our marketing budget. By using trade dollars to acquire promotional products and gift baskets, we’ve been able to upgrade our purchases and buy larger quantities.

These are presented to our cash paying clients as a way of saying thanks for your past business and to ensure future purchases. We feel this form of marketing has worked well for us to support and encourage our cash business.”

– Mick Kilsby

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Okanagan

“I wanted to say thanks for the support we have received from the Central Okanagan businesses that belong to Trade Exchange Canada.

We’ve found them to be very supportive and helpful to us in carrying out our mission statement, which is “To enhance and support children’s lives through positive mentoring relationships”.

Their donations of trade dollars help us to allocate our cash dollars to get the most return. We use these for staff training and development, volunteer prizes and rewards, and to promote our fundraising projects like Bowl For Kids Sake and Golf For Kids Sake.

If the benefits for a business are similar to what they are for us, then every business should be trading through Trade Exchange Canada.

– Lisa Hobson, Executive Director

Holiday Park Resort

“We’ve been a member of the Exchange for years and have used it to trade slow moving time-share weeks to pay for products and services that we were paying cash for. We’ve used it to increase our promotional products/marketing budget as well as reduce some operational expenses including laundry, lawn maintenance and printing.

What works for us is that we are making sales that we would not have otherwise had and turning it into something of value for us.”

– Dan Sigal, President

Great Canadian Oil Change

“We definitely received excellent service from the Trade Exchange and anyone we have traded with. By being a member and trading our services we have benefited by bringing in more customers during the hours we have targeted as slower periods. We have found many good trades from:

Magnetic signs
Theater performances
And even soil for our garden
The trades were easily transacted with satisfaction from all parties.

We are now looking forward to the future trades and working with Brent, who has a positive attitude and high energy level which is a joy to be around.”

– Brian Casavant, Owner Operator

Crossfit Glenmore

“Trade Exchange Canada has been a great tool to increase sales with little to no additional overhead. We have always found ways to spend our trade dollars on business related expenses along with personal health services and eating out. TEC has also been a great source for generating non trade business and we have always enjoyed Des’ mentorship and help with all things business.

– Allister Jones

Full Spectrum Leadership Inc.

“Conscious business people who are committed to thriving in these new times are realizing the limitations of a strictly “cash” economy. Yes, cash is still king, but the other currencies we have at our disposal are equally as valuable. This highly organized trading system can save business owners untold amounts of cash by making available all your excess goods and services to an audience of motivated buyers who also use the system to their benefit. I have used this service all of my business life and have realized the profitable benefits that can be derived from attaching to an organization like Trade Exchange Canada. Investigate for yourself and you’ll likely see a fit for your own business, and how to preserve your cash in ways most only dream of.

– Peter Comrie, Co-Founder

RGM Holdings

“Des, and his group at Trade Exchange, have always been more than helpful when finding me members in the exchange when looking for needed services. As the result of this I have been able to diversify my spending in both my business and personal requirements.

– Robert Martz

Ecentric Media

“Ecentric Media has been a member of Trade Exchange Canada since 2009. We had moved to Kelowna and opened a second office location. We were looking for a way to be introduced to the local business community and generate some new sales. Becoming a Trade Exchange member provided us with just that outcome. We have been involved in a number of Digital Marketing projects for other local small businesses since then. The trade generated has in turn been used to both help us grow our business and renovate our house. TEC is a great concept and I love being an active trader on this barter network.

– Paul B.

Vision Mechanical Ltd.

“As owners of Vision Mechanical Ltd. a very smart decision for our business was becoming a Trade Exchange Member. Once we got familiar with other companies that were members also, we soon discovered how awesome it was that we could Trade for shopping and using the business’s in TE! Getting our business trucks repaired under trade, getting tow services, spa services. places to vacation, printing, window washing and even getting yard maintenance. Oh and getting SEO and web design services all under the umbrella of Trade Exchange. There are many more companies we have used and will continue to use the companies with Trade Exchange for years to come. Thank you Trade Exchange for the brilliant idea of using Trading instead of Paying!!!

– Jean Watson

Okanagan Media Group

“I have been a Trade Exchange Canada Member for over 4 years now and I have made barter a foundational part of my business. Using your excess inventory or unbilled time this way is one of the most strategic and effective ways of reducing expenses and increasing your bottom line. Along with the ability to leverage your business with barter, comes the fantastic and invaluable network of local business owners. Being a part of TEC has allowed me to reach out into their network in a way I never would have been able to without them and the support and service that the TEC Team provides is second to none! TEC has generated us tens of thousands in both barter and cash business over the years and if you have not reached out to see what TEC can do for you in your business you are missing an amazing opportunity!

– Samantha Milligan, CEO

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