How does it work?

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List & promote

We will list & promote your businesses products and/or services on our platform to eager buyers, and your potential new customers!

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trade & earn

Earn Trade Dollars (T$) when your products/services are purchased.  Trade Dollars are deposited into your Trade Bank Account through our banking software.

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save & spend

Save & Spend your Trade! You don’t have to Trade with the Member who purchased from you, you can spend your Trade whenever, and with whomever you’d like in the network!

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Trade Exchange Canada

Trade Exchange is a team of dedicated professionals that specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses. With over 40 years trading experience we can help you grow your business like never before.

Does your business ever experience seasonal slowdowns? Is your cash flow negatively affected by cyclical economic downturns? Do you struggle to find new customers or replace those you no longer serve? Have you wanted to find ways to conserve your cash flow while still acquiring the services and products you need to run and grow your business? Want to build your customer base without spending a fortune in marketing? Trade Exchange can help!

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Why Trade?

What is Trade Exchange and why is it a powerful business strategy for you?


About TEC

Who is Trade Exchange and why do you want them helping you build your business?


Join & Benefit

How is not using Trade Exchange costing you thousands of dollars each year?


Words From our Members

“I’m surprised at the variety of members that are listed in the directory. I’m surprised by the quality of the material that you can get through Trade Exchange and how it can benefit your business and it can benefit your life.”

– Tanya Storey – Bin There Dump That

“I would definitely recommend Trade Exchange to other business owners because of the awareness it brings to your business. There’s really no other way to get in front of hundreds of other businesses, especially when you’re first starting out.”

– Jenn Kyllo – Pinot & Picasso

How it Works

Why should you build your business with Trade Exchange? Because… It’s costing you money not to.

The brokers at Trade Exchange Canada will find your next client or supplier, expand your opportunities and explore previously-unrealized trade options that benefit everyone. Watch this 7 minute video to understand where your new customers will come from.

Connect with Trade Exchange

We are always updating our Facebook page and social media accounts with new and exciting articles, news, tips and Trade Exchange information. You can even share your own business updates with us, because we want to know what is going on with your business. Check out our Facebook page so that you never miss an update and can stay informed on all things Trade Exchange!

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Let us know what you want to trade or send us your comments. At Trade Exchange Canada, we welcome and value your feedback.