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About Trade Exchange Canada

Who is Trade Exchange and why do you want them helping you build your business?

Trade Exchange is a team of dedicated professionals that specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses. Our over 40 years trading experience can help you grow your business like never before.

Does your business ever experience seasonal slowdowns? Is your cash flow negatively affected by cyclical economic downturns? Do you struggle to find new customers or replace those you no longer serve? Have you wanted to find ways to conserve your cash flow while still acquiring the services and products you need to run and grow your business? Want to build your customer base without spending a fortune in marketing?

The Trade Exchange professionals will: Introduce your business to a new customer base, find your next client or supplier, show you how to conserve cash, arrange interest free financing, coordinate trades of products and services, help you move excess inventory, and much more.

The only question now is, “How soon do you want to start taking on new clients and marketing your product and service to 1,200+ local businesses?”

Call today and get your Trade Exchange broker working for you.

Our Team


Desmond Regier CPA, CMA

Desmond is an accountant who believes that small business needs every advantage it can get. He uses his experience and expertise to give the edge to those who want to maximize their business capacity.

Desmond generates his energy through his family, doing triathlons of various lengths and working with entrepreneurs, continuous reading and learning and working with great teams.   

Jill - TEC

Jillian Regier

Jillian is a graduate from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC with a diploma in Business Administration, and a Degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Since graduation, she has moved back to her hometown, Lake Country, to be closer to family, and to help grow Trade Exchange Canada.  Jillian has worked for TEC on and off since 2012 and is excited to finally be back full time, in the office!

She has a passion for marketing, social media & graphic design – and hopes to utilize her skills to aid in the growth of the amazing local businesses in TEC’s network.

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