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We want to hear from you, do you have an article or event to share with the membership? Send an email to TEC, KELOWNA LAUNCHES OUR ...

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A message from Desmond Regier; 

I know you have heard a bunch of really heartfelt messages over the past week. I have been in some really powerful conversations with a number of our members.  They have told me about their fears about the future of their livelihood. Not only that, but they have told me the tough decisions they have had to make on closing, letting staff go, family quarantines and illness.

Being part of Trade Exchange Canada means being part of a community and communities take care of each other. With the challenges and uncertainty, we will be faced with making decisions we have never had to make before.  We know because we are in the situation.

As business owners we know that there is never really a separation between personal and business life… For exactly the situation we find ourselves in right now.

So, what is happening with us right now is our reaction to this event.

Our office has been closed so:

Kariene, Jill and I are working remotely. We have suspended all in person new member activity so Gord is in self improvement mode, however, we are actively pursuing the virtual world of products and services.

We are establishing a communication plan to keep you abreast of what is happening with the membership.We are collaborating with other Trade Exchanges throughout North America on support mechanisms for you.

We will release adjustments to our policy and procedures as we move through the period and find areas where you require assistance.We ask you to be respectful of each other, and we ask you to let us know what is happening with your business so we can pass it on.

We ask you to use trade and conserve cash. We ask that you support local business.  (Amazon is hiring another 100,000 new roles and that represents business being taken from our local economy)

If you are going to do some marketing let us know. We want to be part of your budget.  We will support you where we can on a co-op advertising plan and we will ask our experts in the field to support you in getting the best value.

There are so many more things I would like to say however will save those thoughts for another time.

Please stay healthy and let us know where we can help. We know some really smart people that we can put you in touch with. I know entrepreneurial loneliness exists.  

Please reach out if need be.


Desmond Regier

The only question now is, “How soon do you want to start taking on new clients and marketing your product and service to 1,200+ local businesses?”

Call today and get your Trade Exchange broker working for you.

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